We identify business potential where others don't even ask questions.

MIIICX connects artificial intelligence with behavioral science.
We create sustainable customer relationships through Behavioral Customer Experience.

MIIICX is a management consultancy for Behavioral Customer Experience

We take customer experience to the next level of evolution

We identify behavioral and decision barriers.

We focus on what’s really important, people.

Customer experience as an economic differentiation factor and growth driver


of companies will compete based on CX in the coming years.


of customers are willing to pay a higher price for a better CX. **


of CEOs believe that they are better at CX than the competition. 8% of their customers agree.***

* Source: Gartner, 2017 / ** Source: CEI 2018 / *** Source: qualtric / Bain & Company 2018

We develop company success through behavioral CX strategies


The better the customer experience, the stronger the customer retention.


The stronger the customer retention, the more sustainable the company's success.

What makes us better


Why simply WHY is not enough

Knowledge of needs and wants is a necessary prerequisite. But that is not enough. Why we do NOT something even if we want to is the relevant question that will take us further.


Predictable irrationality

You need a reliable and resilient foundation in order to understand why people don’t act the way we would like them to do. Scientific findings from psychology, economics and computer science form the heart of MIIICX.


Overview and insights

Our Behavioral Customer Intelligence platform HORIIIZON allows a completely new point of view on customer behavior, existing knowledge and existing data.

Customer First is the eternal marketing mantra.
But it is used for strategy charts
rather than being followed.


Customer First means starting everything from a customer’s perspective


The result of this perspective is a successful and sustainable customer relationship


As a consequence, customer experience must be at the heart of all entrepreneurial actions

Anyone who understands customer experience as an additional discipline or extra offer has understood nothing