Data is the new oil.
But humans are not machines.

We are rethinking Customer Experience.
It is about better research- and data models that focus on people and their unconscious decision factors.

95% of all decisions are unconscious.
Data doesn’t know about it.

MIIICX digs deeper. And is able to discover buried treasures in the field of customer relationships.

It´s all a matter of perspective

We are looking for the behavioral science-based WHY NOT

Humanity wins Customers

AI is only as good as the data used. We offer a data model that does not leave our customers with the usual targeting and audience mechanisms.

Our CI for AI

Our Categorical Imperative for Artificial Intelligence: Use only such data and models that people will never be treated as a means of achieving economic goals.

Our Services


Behavioral Customer Intelligence

From data-inventory and set up optimization to new findings from our original WHY NOT Research, we lay the foundation for a consistent CX orientation.


CX Assessment & Benchmark


WHY NOT Analytics


Behavioral Customer Insights


Behavioral Typologies & Segmentation


Customer Experience Optimization

We point out the obvious and define the essential: Quick wins as well as behavioral realignments in the CX architecture, CX strategy and roadmap-implementation for successful CX management.


CX Quick Wins


CX Architecture & Strategy


Behavioral CX Management & CRM


Behavioral Advertising & Brand Experience


Customer Experience Transformation

The release of tension between needs and barriers, our responses to WHY NOT, transform the new findings and insights into CX springboards for sustainable customer relationships and innovative service and business models.


Behavioral Market Strategy


Product & Service Innovation


Business Model Development

Behavioral Customer Intelligence Platform



offers a completely new perspective on customer behavior, existing knowledge and data


provides a continuous analysis and forecasting of behavioral barriers and customer experience performance


increases the value and the significance of existing data through an independent second party data model


launches the MIIICX index, a new quality benchmark for customer experience