Home Office as Employee Experience

How employers can ensure that their home office employees do not lose their bond with the company.

Corona showed us: Home office works without productivity suffering or companies falling apart.

But as pleasant as working from home can be, as a permanent condition it is stressful – and not just because of the double burden of family and career. Home office requires significantly more self-organisation and self-motivation.

The current economic crisis and the associated uncertainty about one’s own professional future make working from home a major psychological burden. The initial feeling of well-being of freedom and flexibility is quickly fading.

The longer the time lasts in which companies and employees communicate mainly virtually with each other, the more important it becomes to create an appreciative feeling of connectedness, clarity and security, to cultivate the team spirit and – where possible – to continue to offer development potential.

Home office as Employee Experience

Companies that now actively address these urgent issues in their internal communication and employee management create valuable support and important orientation for their employees.

In the short term, this means mastering the current situation together. In the long term, it means avoiding creeping alienation from the company, keeping productivity at a healthy level and offering personal identification space instead of pure office space.

How does that work? And how can the Employee Experience be optimized so that the changed working conditions become an opportunity for your company and not a growing risk? We would be happy to talk to you about this.