Everything is Customer Experience

Who actually came up with the idea that CX is an extra discipline? Customer experience is undoubtedly THE decisive competitive factor.

CX is not an outsourced departmental responsibility and certainly not just a buzzword for board presentations.

CX is a fundamental and overarching perspective that places the customer experience at the beginning of the business thinking and not at the end of the process orchestration.

Sounds banal, but it is not. Because even if CX is a matter of attitude in the broader sense, it has business consequences in the first place.

Everything is CX

On the one hand, existing silos must be dismantled. And at the same time, it must be ensured that a consistent “CX culture” is maintained, in which not the human resource (the classic HR) is managed, but Employee Experience Managers are built up and promoted.

If an X is simply attached to everything, then this leads nowhere.

Our solutions for Customer Experience support you in establishing and expanding the topic of Customer Experience in your company.